Chemical Side Trim

Chemical side trim is an innovative and patented technology developed by Helena’s vegetation and application specialists. Chemically controlling limb/vegetation growth along utility rights of ways and DOT/County/Municipal road sides is a proven way to increase the duration of management cycles, therefore saving your company time and money. This technology delivers the highly effective chemical mix directly to the target limb or vegetation with little chance for drift or off target damage.

Providing safe and reliable energy to customers and keeping roadside areas free from vegetation is an important part of vegetation management. Trees growing near or adjacent to utility ROWs can pose problems for power utility companies. Limbs can fall on power lines during storms and disrupt power flow, potentially affecting hundreds to millions of people and businesses. Encroachment of trees and vegetation growing along roadsides can impede visibility of the road as well as road signs and pose a safety concern to motorists. Maintaining driver-visibility can help state and local DOT liability to a minimum.

Options for managing this vegetation range from mechanical trimming to cutting down entire trees. Mechanical cutting and trimming can be a safety concern for workers and can also be an expensive treatment option. Helena’s chemical side trim reduces the need for mechanical removal by using herbicides control tree growth.

Using herbicides to control the growth of tree limbs is an innovative option to managing roadsides and utility ROWs. Our patented chemical side trim chemically prunes treated limbs so the tree can still grow, but it will not grow into the right-of-way where the problems occur.

Helena’s chemical side trim equipment is operated by a two man crew that can perform this work faster, with greater safety and with higher efficiency than typical mechanical trimming. Chemical side trim treatment mimics natural limb death so only small sections of the limb fall, and are naturally decomposed. With chemical side trim, there is no need for cleanup crews, mulching machines, or rotary cutters. Helena’s two-man crew consists of only an operator and a spotter.

Helena’s chemical side trim gets the product directly where it needs to go, improving herbicide efficacy and efficiency. Our patented application equipment improves worker safety, is cost effective, increases trim cycles, and saves time. If you would like more information please contact your local Helena Sales Representative.