Trump Card is a combination of fluroxypyr, 2,4-D and Moveo Formulation Technology. It is an effective tool on tough Kochia and other broadleaf weeds, featuring no phenoxy odor, low volatility and enhanced fertilizer compatibility.  Trump Card contains a co-formulated adjuvant for fast and complete absorption by weeds.

Trump Card Highlights:

  • Co-formulated adjuvant system for faster and more complete absorption by weeds
  • Minimal volatility
  • Can be applied with liquid fertilizers
  • Complements performance of glyphosate and sulfonyl-urea products
  • Only ester-free formulation of fluroxypyr and 2,4-D
  • Easier spray tank cleanout
  • Non-corrosive to spray application equipment
  • Stable in cold temperature storage

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