Ferrilene is chemically reacted 100% EDDHA-chelated 6% iron. Compared to EDTA-chelated iron, the stronger and more stable ortho-ortho chelate bonds in Ferrilene provide superior results and work better in high pH soils. It should be applied to the root zone through drip line, drench, injection or conventional sprayers.

Ferrilene Highlights:

  • 100% EDDHA-chelated 6% iron
  • Highly effective in alkaline soils
  • Provides season-long response
  • Stronger and more stable ortho-ortho chelate bonds
  • Water-soluble microgranules disperse quickly
  • Facilitates energy transfer
  • Aids in plant respiration, nitrogen fixation and other metabolic processes
  • Boosts chlorophyll development and function
  • Prevents foliar discoloration

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